Rethink the backcountry experience


Digital Avalanche Safety 

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Stop surviving, start riding 


Today, backcountry products are mainly used for survival and rescuing skiers caught in an avalanche. Dingo is the first prevention wearable tool that enables every off-piste skier to assess avalanche risk live.

Introducing DIngo


Dingo Powered Ski

Thanks to our partnership with Åsnes, the first prototypes will hit the slopes this winter. Åsnes expertise and know-how is essential for the good development and functioning of Dingo.


The Dingo Sensor

By applying the principles and using the technology from the oil industry, Dingo is able to detect the weak snow layers which are sensible to avalanche. You only need to stick the device on your Dingo powered ski and our technology will help you make better decisions off-piste, and ultimately save yours and others lives. No more worries about your loved ones!


The Dingo App

Share your information with an entire community of Dingo users on our app. Learn which way you can go, track and analyse all your actions, lead others to breath-taking powder trails. It’s not only about you, it’s about us, the skiers!

Advanced motion tracking

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Keep track of your speed all along your runs

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Measure the strength of your movements in each of your turns

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Let's get your angle right with precise angle measurements

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Perfect your turns and see how smooth and explosive you are

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Figure out your jump performance with specific analysis

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and more


Interested in being a beta tester for 2018-2019 winter season?

Click on the link below to learn how to get involved. 



"This technology will truly revolutionize backcountry skiing"